The Big School

I bought school uniforms for Ethan last weekend. I began to realize how close we were getting to the end of the summer. I know it’s only July but I’m in the MICU after elective and they’ll be very little time for buying uniforms. Then vacation and then really the summer is gone. This year it’s gone faster than ever. And then today I came across this picture of Ethan’s first day at Park Street Kids 3 years ago.

It’s funny how much of the Ethan then is the Ethan now and how much has changed. And I realized that it’s not just the summer that’s gone by quickly.

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  1. Kansas Mom says:

    I was thinking something similar today while standing and rocking Second Daughter (of course) in the wonderful carrier made by our mutual friend H (of course) and gazing at the pictures of First Son and First Daughter we had taken when she was just five months old. Of course she’s changed a ton, being almost two now, but I was shocked at how much First Son looked just like himself and yet so much younger. I miss that little guy.

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