Decking the halls

It has been our habit to put up our tree as soon as possible after Thanksgiving and enjoy it as long as possible. The older boys and I went our Friday night to our local Home Depot to find a tree – note to self, do not go alone to get a Christmas tree with two excited boys when you actually want to spend time looking at each tree and cannot actually carry the tree to the front yourself. It was actually lightly raining and rather cold not to mention dark at 5pm so the garden section was pretty empty. The boys ran from tree to tree exclaiming how perfect each one was – the only other couple looking for a tree seemed very entertained by us. Once we finally picked a tree, I went to the front to ask if someone could help us carry our 8 foot tree to the front. The man at the front told me he couldn’t do it but he would find someone. I went back to find the boys in the tree and waited. And waited. Finally I dragged the tree slowly toward the front. About halfway there, as I was telling Mr. 6 that next year we should get our Christmas tree someplace else, this very nice employee came across us and offered to help. He apologized and told him no one had told him that anyone needed help!

The first man checked us out and we had this conversation
Me: Do you have any pointsettas?
Him: I don’t know – is that a plant?
Me: Yes. You know, the red flower things people have at Christmas.
Him: I think we’ll have to get one of the garden specialists.
Me: No really, those plants with red leaves that you always have a million of.
Him: Look, I’m not a plant specialist. You’ll have to ask someone else.

Ah, this may be why we were stranded in the back. No tree specialist around.

After all that, we got home with our tree and had great fun decorating. Everyone helped out.


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