Advent – December 1

We thought we’d try something a bit different this year with our Advent calendar. In the past we’ve filled it with toys or candy which is well-received but doesn’t quite do the task of making the boys think about what we’re actually preparing for. So this year the calendar is filled with little slips of paper which have a task that we do together in order to get ready for Christmas.

Day 1: Make paper snowflakes and decorate the windows

At first the boys were a bit hesitant but soon got into the spirit and we had a whole pile of lovely snowflakes. Of course we had to make a quick stop on the way home from work just to get paper as all the paper in the house had been used up on masterpieces covering a wide range of subjects – the alphabet of Asher’s language, the immune system, circuits, math problems, hand-drawn “blogs”, unscramble word games, etc. Paper is a precious commodity around here.


2 responses to “Advent – December 1”

  1. Kansas Mom says:

    I like your Advent Calendar idea. Perhaps we’ll do that next year.

  2. Hilary says:

    Nice snowflakes! I actually just learned how to easily make 6-pointed paper snowflakes so they’re more realistic. I’ll have to show you sometime.

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