A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

I had to work today so we put off our Thanksgiving celebration until Saturday. The boys have been watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and asked if they could have the Thanksgiving meal that Snoopy makes – buttered toast, popcorn, pretzel sticks, and jellybeans. We decided that was a pretty good meal to celebrate with so that’s what was for lunch. Mr. 6 actually decided that the meal really needed some protein so they added ham and cheese sandwichs to round out the meal.

Even Master 0 got his own piece of toast.
The boys love the Charlie Brown movies. Last year we watched A Charlie Brown Christmas many, many times leading up the Christmas and well into the new year. This year we’ve enjoyed alternating with A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving – at least there’s some variety!

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  1. Papa says:

    As delicious as any we could expect. Gosh these guys are getting big and handsome.

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