After many attempts to find an instrument for our music loving son, it turns out the piano is a hit with Mr. 6. At 4, he was so excited to try the violin and it just didn’t work out – his teacher, although very nice, just wasn’t right for our talkative kid. He often spent the lesson talking about the violin without any actual time learning or playing. Not wanting to push anything we decided to take a break. A year later Mr. 6 really wanted to take drum lessons. Given his rather impressive sense of rhythm we found a great teacher and got him started. Lots of fun but again Mr. 6 preferred talking to playing (unless he could play the rhythm that was running in his head). A great time was had by all by after a few month we decided to break for the summer and see what happened. Fast forward another year and our 6.5 year old wants to take piano lessons. We have a fantastic teacher who does a great job of keeping the lesson fun while keeping our distractable kid on task. She really is wonderful and makes all the difference. And Mr. 6 practices every day without complaint and thinks Wednesday is the best day of the week because that’s the day he has piano lessons.


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  1. Kansas Mom says:

    We’re hoping to have a piano for the house in the near future. I thought we’d start with that and let the kids pick a different instrument if they want later on.

    Will we see a video?

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