Here comes science

They Might Be Giants has a new album out and we’re hooked. How can you not love music that leads to Mr.4 and Mr. 6 wanting to learn all about the elements and studying the periodic table.
The boys are also really enjoying my Immunobiology book (an introductory immunology book from my graduate school days – really the best one out there). Mr. 6 especially wants to know everything. He made a notecard with Th1 and Th2 cells on it and listed the cytokines that each makes. I have also done this – I think I was in college or maybe medical school. He also wanted me to draw out the complement pathway which I tried to do and then we just went back to the pictures in Janeway’s Immunobiology. It’s fun to hear the boys so excited about cells and fighting germs and to see Mr. 6 studying so intently.

On Sunday we were at the park and Mr, 6 asked how one cell became a whole person. You never know exactly what level answer to give so at first I tried a vague one but he was not interested in vague. He needed to know the exact steps and when each occurred. He also asked me about stem cells and what they were. He’d read about hematopoetic stem cells and wanted to know if all the systems in the body had stem cells. You know, I’m actually not really sure so I have some studying to do!

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  1. dawn says:

    hey! that’s so fun! i can’t wait to see what your kids do as they get older. Hey, thanks for blogging! it’s fun to be able to at least keep up from a distance with your guys’ lives.

    hola from your faraway friend in spain.

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