Willows Park

Long ago when Mr. 6 was Mr. 18 months we went to a park in Salem, MA that had great tide pools (or so I remember). With Grandma help we found the name of the park and thought we would try it out. The boys were excited to see some sea creatures so we made the trek out there with high expectations.

The verdict – a great day with lots of good memories but the place was not what I remembered. I think that New England just doesn’t have the tide pools that San Diego has (my comparison). The boys loved climbing on the rocks and Mr. 6 did find a crab leg which was very exciting but it wasn’t a great beach. We’ll keep trying.

On the rocks on the way back to the car Mr. 6 met a fellow 1st grader and they had lots of fun climbing together – they exchanged addresses but only in the way 6 year olds do – no paper or pencils, just a chance to share some facts.

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