A new patio

We realized early on that we could never have a garden the size that the previous owner of the house had cultivated. I can barely keep the garden we have alive, so more than doubling it was just not going to work. So we just left it filled with weeds (“the meadow”) and discussed all the many possibilities for the space in the future. Nana arrived and while she was putting my garden back in order – no weed survives when she is nearby – I mentioned how nice it would be to have a little patio there. A week later she had dug up all the weeds and cleared the area for a patio. Amazing!

So last Sunday, with rain clouds threatening overhead, we started leveling and preparing the area for the bricks. Unfortunately it quickly became apparent that the area really isn’t square as much as a parallelogram. After some difficulty start, we left the Daddy to finish and the rest of us headed indoors. Voila, our patio was done!

It looks great and now has our newly refinished table and chairs with a new umbrella. We ate dinner out there – pizza and watermelon.


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