Master Zero’s Grand Tour

We’ve been enjoying introducing Master 0 to the world and this weekend we decided to show him off in his Dad’s hometown. Luckily Master 0 is quite the traveler and we had a wonderful trip. We even showed the boys where their parents lived while they were in high school and where they went on their first date although the significance of those places to their very existence seems a bit lost on them. We also got to experience a good Midwestern thunderstorm and the near stifling humidity only St. Louis can offer!

Captain Mr. 6 and First Mate Mr. 4. Grandpa is an aerospace engineer and builds airplanes and Uncle S is a flight instructor so there’s quite the love of airplanes in this family. On Saturday we explored the H.A.R.M. (Historic Aircraft Restoration Museum) and were amazed at the old airplanes – all of which still fly. We even got to see an airplane very similar to the Piper Cub that the boys’ great grandpa flew.
We also visited the St. Louis Zoo which is wonderful and free. Some good friends of ours met us there and we had a great time exploring the Children’s Zoo. Such fun to catch up!
The boys spent quite a bit of time attacking Uncle K. The boys are still talking about what fun they had with him and wish he was nearby so they could see him everyday. Given the enthusiasm the boys brought to attacking, he may need some recovery time before we launch Mr. 4 and Mr. 6 at him again!
On our last day we decided to exhaust the kids and visited the St. Louis City Museum and go to the top of the arch. The City Museum is amazing and the boys loved it. Mr. 6 was especially fond of the caves and Mr. 4 of the outside climbing area. There is no fear of heights in that kid.
We got back into Boston around 10pm and then took the train home. We had left the boys bikes at the station so they got to bike home at 11pm which was very exciting for everyone. We may not have had enough energy to make it home we didn’t have bikes to motivate us!

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