What we’re reading

Here are our favorite books of the past few weeks:

Norby books (we’ve had Norby the Mixed-Up Robot from the library many, many times – we actually got our own copy and still Mr. 4 put in the bag during our last trip)

Mr. 6 is currently reading most of the Chronicles of Narnia books (left upside down to mark his page in various rooms of the house) and many of the Oz books.

I read the Penderwicks and loved it but was not as fond of the sequel. Definitely more of a girl book – I don’t think Mr. 6 will be interested.

Half Magic – read by the parents and then devoured by Mr. 6. He’s now moved on to Magic by the Lake.

The Scrambled States of America – this book is so funny and both Mr. 4 and Mr. 6 have requested it numerous times.

My Name is Yoon – a surprising favorite.

Martha Calling – about a talking dog Martha. Very funny.

100 Things You Should Know About … – I requested the Ancient Egypt one and Mr. 6 immediately dug out the Vikings, Oceans, and Planet Earth ones that we already had. He’s now requested a few others from the library.

The Imaginary Garden – Mr. 4 really liked this book.

We LOVE the ability to request books online. It’s hard to spend a lot of time finding books in the library with 3 kids to keep up with. Mr. 4 and Mr. 6 have their own books to look for and Master 0 often requires my attention. This way I pick out books at my leisure, request them, and pick them up when we check-out. Makes everyone happy. It often takes some time as they come from other libraries in the system. When we went this week to check out our 30 or so books (with at least another 25-30 at home despite my returning a whole stack) there were 18 waiting for us. It was like striking gold!

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  1. Kansas Mom says:

    I do the same thing! I could never find all the books I want to read without requesting them first. I usually have 30-40 books checked out at a time and request about 25 a week. I have to pay a yearly fee, but it’s worth every dime!

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