Rainy days

This is not summer. June was filled with cold, rainy days and we were happy to escape for a few days but came back to rain. Last week the rain continued and by Friday we were all cranky. We survived only because of the 100 or so library books currently in our house (the kids both had summer book lists and we’ve read quite a few of them). Thursday afternoon Mr. 6 and I were both reading on the couch and despite Mr. 4’s best efforts remained there until reinforcements came. Luckily the 4th dawned bright and sunny and mild. We headed downtown with friends and saw “My Country Tis of Thee” sung on the steps of our church where it was sung for the first time 178 years ago. We picnicked on the Common. We played in the Frog Pond. We enjoyed a BBQ with friends. It was glorious. About 9:30pm we ran out of steam and headed home. We planned to watch the fireworks in our pajamas snuggled together in our bed through the power of the internet. Due to high winds we only got about 5 of every 20 seconds and so headed to bed with the promise of fireworks through TiVo (thanks to our friends – we haven’t had a TV for about a year but that’s another story).

Yesterday the boys started swim lessons, we got pool passes, we rode bikes, and were happy to welcome summer. Today it was back to rain and cold with the promise of rain and cold for the rest of the week. What do you do when swim lessons are cancelled and the forecast calls for rain the rest of the week? Invite good friends over for lunch and play and as soon as the sun breaks through, run outside to jump in the puddles.


We’re still not happy about the rain and the cold but friends make everything better!

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