Tad’s release into the wild

We acquired a tadpole about a month ago and while we were in California he became a frog. We were a little worried that he might not make it until we get back so I tried to prepare the boys for the sad possibility. Mr. 6 requested we pray for Tad and so we did both in California and in the car on the way back from the airport. I decided not to raise the subject of prayer and the many ways God answers us. When we arrived home the boys ran into their room and we had a very alive little frog.

Mr. 6 immediately prayed a prayer of thanksgiving. That kid is quite the prayer warrior.

Tad had done quite well on lettuce (boiled) but did not seem interested in the mealworms we had gotten for our now Fabulous Frog (as named by Mr. 6). So we decided to let Tad go at a local pond hoping he’d find food and fellowship.

Good bye Tad. We hope you like your new home. Don’t worry – we’ll keep praying for you!


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