Family reunion

We had a great time getting together with our extended family in California.

The clan (and that’s with only 3 of the 6 kids – just add in another 14)


We stayed with my grandparents who have two wonderful kids. The boys loved playing with them and enjoyed swimming together, playing MarioKart, playing freeze tag in the yard, etc. They were wonderful hosts. Mr. 4 especially loved having his cousin A take him around the pool which she did many times!


Mr. 6 became fast friends with his younger cousin V. She was willing to follow his lead and that certainly won a place in his heart!

We got to know our niece A better and she actually let me hold her – though only when Mom wasn’t visible.
Master 0 was a good sport about being passed around and found out exactly what a big, crazy family he’s landed in.

We spent the day at Sea World and the boys loved it – especially the Shamu show. We told them they could spend their allowance that they had saved at the end of the day. Mr. 4 immediately chooses a 4 foot long Shamu. I told him I didn’t think he could afford it – he’d saved $30 (which at $2 per week is rather impressive). He said I should check. Sure enough – $29.95! Okay, Shamu was coming home with us. So we left California with 3 kids, 3 suitcases, 3 car seats, a stroller, and a giant Shamu! Our flights home weren’t ideally planned – we ended up flying into Chicago late and then getting up VERY early the next day to fly home. The boys were good sports, despite the jet lag. After all that lugging around, Shamu came in handy driving home from the airport!
We’re happy to be home but are still suffering from some impressive jet lag. The boys were up until midnight the last 2 nights – luckily Master 0 took it all in stride!

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