Our garden

Last week while my mom was here we actually got to work on our garden. I tend to be a bit over ambitious with my plans and of course after planting this lovely garden I immediately worked four long days in the ER and have not so much as watered anything. Isaac and I went to inspect the damage this afternoon and I think we may need some repair work but all in all it’s not bad.


My usual philosophy is that if I can’t eat it there’s no point in planting it but the boys have been clamoring for flowers. It’s not that I don’t love flowers but my time is rather limited so I have a tendency toward practicality. With help last week we managed to get some flowers planted in front and it really does brighten up the house. When we were in the backyard this afternoon to my surprise there were more flowers.


What a fun surprise! I love sharing a house!

2 responses to “Our garden”

  1. Kansas Mom says:

    Kansas Dad does all the planting and watering at our house. We have a lot of practical things, but it is nice to have some flowers, too.

  2. Jill says:

    Yes, suprise! Aren’t they pretty!

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