Today was my first true day off in quite some time and I thought a great day for an ambitious outing with the boys. I knew it meant either a wonderful day to treasure or a total disaster but I was ready for the risk. We gathered up our many overdue library books, 2 bikes, and bike helmets and set off for the bus. We took the bus to the library, spent at least an hour choosing books, another 15 minutes paring down those books to what I could carry for the rest of the morning, got a snack at a local coffeeshop, and set off down the bike trail with two boys on bikes. It was a glorious spring day and we sat by the water at Spy Pond and ate our snack. We had a chance to chat about this, that, and nothing. We threw rocks in the water. And then we set off to home (the longest leg of our journey). It’s really not far but it was nearing naptime. Ethan has really just mastered his bike and is still a bit on the unsteady side. He fell a few times and I could see the frustration building up but with encouragement he got up and kept going. He would ride ahead and then ride back, navigating tricky turns on his own. Amazing to see him so proud of himself and capable. The best part is that the boys decided they were a big and small taxi and if one taxi had problems, the other would rush over to help (or at least call out “are you okay taxi?”). The last fall Ethan took was a bit bigger than the rest and he burst into tears and said something to the effect of he would never be able to do it and how frustrated he was. We sat down on the side of the path and talked about what an incredible job he’d done and how a month ago he could even ride and now he was riding up and down the trail. He seemed comforted by this but decided to walk his bike home. We chatted about the spaceship he was building with legos while the little taxi darted around us.

When we got home, I told the boys they needed a quick lunch and then a rest. Ethan just opted for the rest and was asleep by the time Isaac finished lunch. The house is eerily silent – I think I really wore them out!

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