Our first pick-up

Master 0 and I took over picking up the brothers from school. Not realizing exactly how many steps it takes to get out the door, we ended up leaving late. I tried to start early but 4 years is a long time and I don’t run in baby time yet. First feeding, then changing, then more feeding. Need to pack up – where is that sling? Found it! Quick hello to neighbor and we’re on our way – 10 minutes late. Walk fast – just missed the train. Wait for next. Call to let school know we’re late. By the time we got to Mr.4’s school we were 15 minutes late and the proud brother wanted to show “his” baby to everyone. By the time we got to Mr. 6’s school we were 20 minutes late (and that was trying to keep up with Mr. 4 on his bike). More showing off baby, especially to Mrs. B who is possibly Mr. 4’s favorite person in the world*, then start the trip home. All’s well – Master 0 asleep in the sling, Mr. 4 pedaling ahead, and Mr. 6 telling me about his day and then quizzing me on all the presidents of the United States**.

Unfortunately when we get to the train station we discover that there was a medical emergency at a earlier station and the trains were delayed. I pull out my Palm to actually look up all the presidents (I was correct from Hoover on but am rather fuzzy on early and late 19th century presidents. This entertained Mr. 6 and even me but Master 0 began to realize that it had been some time since he had eaten. Luckily the sling is magic and he went back to sleep and the boys and I managed to slide onto a packed train 20 minutes later. First time on a train with Master 0 and it is packed! We managed to get one seat that the big brothers shared and made it to our destination with a much better knowledge of the presidents. We picked up Mr. 6’s bike at the bike cage (the smallest bike there and liking the youngest person to have a bike pass) and pedal home. We walked in the door just in time for Master 0 to remember that he was hungry. Success!

Maybe tomorrow we’ll pick up by car.

* Mrs. B told us a few weeks ago that Mr. 4 had invited her to dinner at one of our favorite local eateries. This would be great (we love Mrs. B) if it wasn’t for the age difference and the fact that as of last summer she’s Mrs. B!
** Mr. 6 is collecting coins and recently found out that they’re making dollar coins for all the presidents which started the quiz off.

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  1. Papa says:

    I love the story about Isaac asking out his teacher. I knew Isaac was going to be a ladies man, I only surprised that he’s shown his gift at such a young age. The twinkle in his eye and smile is a dead giveaway.

    Thankfully the baby’s hunger was staved off against Ethan’s relentless thirst for knowledge. I guessing this thing about Presidents must go back to the new coin collecting hobby.

    Well with the flu potential out there, maybe the car isn’t a horrible option. Although I understand the fun of dealing with traffic and commuting in beantown.

    Good Luck

    Dad aka Papa or Matt

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