That was close.

While riding his beloved Glider Rider bike at full speed down the hill from
Alewife, Isaac wiped out on the salty sand that still litters the bike
path.*   He skidded on his side straight into the
stars-and-stripes gate made of car-resistant steel.  He
confronted and encountered head-first the solid steel gatepost.  Considering his prodigious
speed, and the awkward angle his helmet sits when he’s wearing a big
hat, I sprinted to his side, fearing the worst.

Isaac disentangled himself from the bike, turned his handlebars back
around, and said

“Whew, that was close.

“I almost broke that gate!”

* Thus placing this story between the Big Melt of last Wednesday and the Big 15-inch Resnow of Monday, for the non-Bostonians among you.

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