There’s no doubt about the boys excitement about the baby. Every morning they want to say good morning to my belly and give microsaff hugs and kisses.

And now that they can feel the kicking, it’s hard to keep them away.

Ethan keeps talking about how he really wants to meet him but knows he’s too small to come out yet. This pregnancy has also led to some rather in depth discussion about the ins and outs of where babies come from (and Ethan isn’t one to be deterred from an interesting topic) which has led to some rather in depth discussions between the mommy and the daddy about exactly how you explain to an almost 6 year old how babies end up in mommies tummies and how they get out. And it’s funny how direct answers are so well accepted by kids but hedging never works. I’ll leave it at that.

Ethan also wants to know exactly how things work when it’s time for the baby to be born – where will we go, where will he go, when can he come meet the baby, when can he feed the baby, when can he hold the baby. He’s interested in developmental milestones. And most especially when will the baby be able to sleep in his room. I’ve tried to explain exactly what the sleep schedule of a newborn is but he seems undeterred. We’ll see what he thinks in a few months.

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