Tell me more about white blood cells

Ethan received a rather cool book about the body for Christmas. I had added it to his wish list after seeing what great reviews it had and Grandma and Grandpas got it for him. He’s spend hours reading it and last week asked me to tell him about white blood cells. Good choice given my specialty (turns out those years in graduate school are being put to good use). He wanted a better book that had more information and better picture so I dug through my first year med school textbooks and came across my histology atlas. While I took down the Christmas tree, Ethan asked question after question about different types of cells and their functions.

He’s now moved on to Immunobiology (an excellent immunology textbook I highly recommend – if you’re a very interested 6 year old or maybe a college student). I think I may have him do my fellowship for me. He’s has another year so I think he’ll be ready by then.

Isaac meanwhile is hooked on The Way Things Work. He’s not really reading yet but spends his entire quiet time studying pictures and diagrams and then asking about the words when quiet time is over. He’s sounding words out but his brain seems to be more engineering and puzzles and a little less words. It’s so fun to see them excited about learning new things.

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