And then there were three…

When the brothers found out that there was going to be a third kid in the house, they immediately decided that only a brother would do (I suppose I should back up – we’re expecting a baby in April). In fact, at the ultrasound they were chanting “It’s a boy, not a girl!” Unless they have deciphered the ability to read ultrasounds (which I wouldn’t put past them, they had no way of knowing if they were going to be joined by a sister or brother. We had originally intended not to find out until Christmas. We thought we would open the envelope on Christmas morning and what a fun gift. However, the baby was very clear during the ultrasound that there would not be a sister. So the brothers will be three which suits these guys just fine.

The boys are so excited about the baby. They love to feel his kicks and are very clear that there are three kids in our family. They’ve come up with some great names – Isaac’s first suggestion was “chicken nugget” and “heston steam engine”. Ethan’s name has stuck for now – “microsaff” for the baby, “minisaff” for Isaac, and “regular saff” for Ethan. It’s going to be a crazy house but we can’t wait.

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  1. Kansas Mom says:

    Congratulations on a houseful of boys!

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