Soccer Saturdays

Ethan has been playing soccer every Saturday morning for the last 2 months with the town soccer league. He seems to really enjoy it but often his attention span is a bit shorter than the entire practice. This Saturday he played the entire time with enthusiasm – especially working together as a team and not getting too discouraged when the other team scored a few more goals than they did.

One of the most amazing parts of soccer are when Coach Jack calls all the kids together. Picture 50-60 5-year-olds clustered around one man with a great British accent listening in rapt attention as he tells them about the next drill. Rather amazing. I’d love to learn his secret – it’s rare that I can even hold the 2 boys in rapt attention for more than a few seconds!

I don’t know if Ethan is destined for a life of soccer but we love that he’s out there running, having fun, and trying his best!

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