Footie jammies

Ethan decided that footie jammies were okay until 1st grade when you would be too big. Unfortunately finding pajamas with feet once you’re out of the toddler sizes is a bit more difficult. Luckily we found some at a good price, with rocket ships that glow in the dark. The coolest jammies ever I’m told. Combined with some glow sticks for light sabers and you have all a boy could need. Especially as there was chocolate cake for dessert!


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  1. Kansas Mom says:

    We’re having the same problem. We have a couple pairs from last year that are stretched when he wears them. Luckily, my Mom found one set of size 6 for him. We’re trying to keep the house chilly to save on heating costs this year so footie pajamas are key. (It’s supposed to get down to about 35 tonight, so we’ll probably have to finally turn the heat on.)

    Where did you find your pajamas?

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