Buckley and Elvis


The afternoon was long ago, but the story hasn’t been told. Not here.

Truth is, we were just about to blow the joint. Tall, Small, and yours truly. We’d found the basil, the garlic, even the condensed milk. The graham crackers? All we’d ever need. The dame behind the counter looked all of sixteen. A quick flash of the discount card, a swipe of the plastic, and we’d’ve been out of there.

Tall looks up, sees a sign. Never can pass up a sign, Tall can’t. “Look there”


“The sign. Employee of the Month: Ed Buckley. Who’s Ed Buckley?”

Small gets a grin. Never can pass up a joke, Small can’t. “I’m Ed Buckley.”

The things you learn. The other aliases came spilling out swiftly. Buckley was a middle name, a last name. Buckleybear, Buckleycat. But finally, we found out his most complete double life, as Buckley Zack. “That’s my secret agent name,” he says, Small says.

So there he is, Buckley Zack. And beside him, it turns out, Elvis Zack. If you hear about them around here, now you know.

But you didn’t hear it from me.

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