First Day of School Part 2

Isaac’s first day of preschool was Thursday – also our first day of getting everyone to school and both parents to work. Not an easy task but at least so far it’s all worked well.

Luckily we had Grandma with us to help that first day. The boys were ready to go with backpacks and helmets on and off we went down the path.

Isaac bikes and Ethan rides his scooter and the parents walk. The boys are rather fast so I think we’re soon going to own 2 more scooters so the parents can keep up. Particularly Isaac is fond of going as fast as he can (and he is fast) and screaming with delight. You have to run to keep up and apologize to all the people on the path who fear for their lives as a 3 foot sledgehammer barrels past. Most of the time they laugh and comment on how cute he is and how well he can balance. Luckily he’s a sledgehammer with a killer grin.

Isaac seems to love his class and loves to tell us he’s in preschool. He’s going 5 days a week which is a lot for a little guy but did great with 3 days last year so I think he’s up for it. He knows his teachers names and likes to tell us what he did at school – especially if they play a new game in the gym or how he drew pictures of volcanoes or Hurricane Ike.
Speaking of hurricanes, the boys have been very into hurricanes this year. They know the names of the hurricanes and love to look on the weather maps to see where the hurricanes started and where they reached land. I think living in the Northeast they don’t quite get the consequences of a hurricane and just love to watch the colored swirl move across a map.

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