The Saff clan

Happy birthday Grandpa and Grandma!

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Master 0’s first bath experience was met with much screaming and gnashing of teeth (well, gums) but he’s learned to love the bath. We’ve now take to washing everyone at once – much quicker and the big brothers and so happy to have Master 0 with them.

Bathtime pretending is pretty interesting around here. They range from dolphin shows to space races to pirates to hospitals. Recently Mr. 4 complained that his uterus was hurting because the baby was coming out and could Dr. Mr. 6 help him. Given recent events I shouldn’t be surprised.

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Eric the Goat

In California we took the kids to Bates Nut Farm and they fed the goats. This is an activity that I have very fond memories of from my childhood so I was glad to share it. They picked out one of the little goats and named him Eric and tried to give him most of their corn. The bigger goats did their best to get their share. At the St. Louis Zoo there is an area where you can pet the goats and the boys quickly found one that looked just like Eric and spent their time with him. Mr. 6 tried to convince me that Eric had moved to St. Louis since we had seen him last. We’ve been discussing what our next pet should be – I wonder if our town is zoned for goats and if Eric would like to move to the East Coast.

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Master Zero’s Grand Tour

We’ve been enjoying introducing Master 0 to the world and this weekend we decided to show him off in his Dad’s hometown. Luckily Master 0 is quite the traveler and we had a wonderful trip. We even showed the boys where their parents lived while they were in high school and where they went on their first date although the significance of those places to their very existence seems a bit lost on them. We also got to experience a good Midwestern thunderstorm and the near stifling humidity only St. Louis can offer!

Captain Mr. 6 and First Mate Mr. 4. Grandpa is an aerospace engineer and builds airplanes and Uncle S is a flight instructor so there’s quite the love of airplanes in this family. On Saturday we explored the H.A.R.M. (Historic Aircraft Restoration Museum) and were amazed at the old airplanes – all of which still fly. We even got to see an airplane very similar to the Piper Cub that the boys’ great grandpa flew.
We also visited the St. Louis Zoo which is wonderful and free. Some good friends of ours met us there and we had a great time exploring the Children’s Zoo. Such fun to catch up!
The boys spent quite a bit of time attacking Uncle K. The boys are still talking about what fun they had with him and wish he was nearby so they could see him everyday. Given the enthusiasm the boys brought to attacking, he may need some recovery time before we launch Mr. 4 and Mr. 6 at him again!
On our last day we decided to exhaust the kids and visited the St. Louis City Museum and go to the top of the arch. The City Museum is amazing and the boys loved it. Mr. 6 was especially fond of the caves and Mr. 4 of the outside climbing area. There is no fear of heights in that kid.
We got back into Boston around 10pm and then took the train home. We had left the boys bikes at the station so they got to bike home at 11pm which was very exciting for everyone. We may not have had enough energy to make it home we didn’t have bikes to motivate us!

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What we’re reading

Here are our favorite books of the past few weeks:

Norby books (we’ve had Norby the Mixed-Up Robot from the library many, many times – we actually got our own copy and still Mr. 4 put in the bag during our last trip)

Mr. 6 is currently reading most of the Chronicles of Narnia books (left upside down to mark his page in various rooms of the house) and many of the Oz books.

I read the Penderwicks and loved it but was not as fond of the sequel. Definitely more of a girl book – I don’t think Mr. 6 will be interested.

Half Magic – read by the parents and then devoured by Mr. 6. He’s now moved on to Magic by the Lake.

The Scrambled States of America – this book is so funny and both Mr. 4 and Mr. 6 have requested it numerous times.

My Name is Yoon – a surprising favorite.

Martha Calling – about a talking dog Martha. Very funny.

100 Things You Should Know About … – I requested the Ancient Egypt one and Mr. 6 immediately dug out the Vikings, Oceans, and Planet Earth ones that we already had. He’s now requested a few others from the library.

The Imaginary Garden – Mr. 4 really liked this book.

We LOVE the ability to request books online. It’s hard to spend a lot of time finding books in the library with 3 kids to keep up with. Mr. 4 and Mr. 6 have their own books to look for and Master 0 often requires my attention. This way I pick out books at my leisure, request them, and pick them up when we check-out. Makes everyone happy. It often takes some time as they come from other libraries in the system. When we went this week to check out our 30 or so books (with at least another 25-30 at home despite my returning a whole stack) there were 18 waiting for us. It was like striking gold!

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Rainy days

This is not summer. June was filled with cold, rainy days and we were happy to escape for a few days but came back to rain. Last week the rain continued and by Friday we were all cranky. We survived only because of the 100 or so library books currently in our house (the kids both had summer book lists and we’ve read quite a few of them). Thursday afternoon Mr. 6 and I were both reading on the couch and despite Mr. 4’s best efforts remained there until reinforcements came. Luckily the 4th dawned bright and sunny and mild. We headed downtown with friends and saw “My Country Tis of Thee” sung on the steps of our church where it was sung for the first time 178 years ago. We picnicked on the Common. We played in the Frog Pond. We enjoyed a BBQ with friends. It was glorious. About 9:30pm we ran out of steam and headed home. We planned to watch the fireworks in our pajamas snuggled together in our bed through the power of the internet. Due to high winds we only got about 5 of every 20 seconds and so headed to bed with the promise of fireworks through TiVo (thanks to our friends – we haven’t had a TV for about a year but that’s another story).

Yesterday the boys started swim lessons, we got pool passes, we rode bikes, and were happy to welcome summer. Today it was back to rain and cold with the promise of rain and cold for the rest of the week. What do you do when swim lessons are cancelled and the forecast calls for rain the rest of the week? Invite good friends over for lunch and play and as soon as the sun breaks through, run outside to jump in the puddles.


We’re still not happy about the rain and the cold but friends make everything better!

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Our own laughter

Mr. 4’s name means laughter and he takes his job very seriously.


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We are very fond of computer languages around here so when the Dad discovered a new language based on Java he had to give it a try. He requested a book on Scala for his birthday and was excited it came before our trip west (we love Amazon Prime and highly recommend it). He read it throughout the trip and when we returned, Mr. 6 picked it up. He read at least the first 100 pages and then asked if he could give it a try.

As explained to me, he was working on a program that said the name of the person you typed in (finished) and one that handled rational numbers (in progress). It’s hard to keep up with him.

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Tad’s release into the wild

We acquired a tadpole about a month ago and while we were in California he became a frog. We were a little worried that he might not make it until we get back so I tried to prepare the boys for the sad possibility. Mr. 6 requested we pray for Tad and so we did both in California and in the car on the way back from the airport. I decided not to raise the subject of prayer and the many ways God answers us. When we arrived home the boys ran into their room and we had a very alive little frog.

Mr. 6 immediately prayed a prayer of thanksgiving. That kid is quite the prayer warrior.

Tad had done quite well on lettuce (boiled) but did not seem interested in the mealworms we had gotten for our now Fabulous Frog (as named by Mr. 6). So we decided to let Tad go at a local pond hoping he’d find food and fellowship.

Good bye Tad. We hope you like your new home. Don’t worry – we’ll keep praying for you!


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