Trip to Washington D.C.

Last weekend I had to go to a conference in D.C. so we decided to all go down together to do a bit of exploring of our nation’s capitol. We drove down overnight Friday night (thank goodness David was able to do the driving – he’s pretty amazing with a little help from Dr. Pepper). They dropped me off at the conference center and did some exploring.

The boys in front of the White House – the president couldn’t make it to the photo op.
Isaac loved the Washington Monument so we went to the top of it. The boys had to stand in line in drizzling rain in order to get the tickets. I met up with them and we all went to the top together.
Then Isaac spotted the Lincoln Memorial and wanted to go there. So we braved the rain and off we went.
We sent time exploring the World War II memorial. As you can see, our boys have no trouble exploring and do not melt in rain. In fact, Isaac ran pretty much the entire rim of the fountain at full tilt. Sometimes with Isaac it seems best to enforce some boundaries (you have to be able to see a grown-up) and accept that it means he may end up taking a swim in the fountain. Luckily the rain certainly kept the crowds down.
The boys spent most of the walk to the Lincoln Memorial deep in conversation. It always makes us so happy that there are 2 brothers (soon 3).
We took a cab back to our hotel and enjoyed a picnic dinner while watching the launch of Discovery.

Overall it was a good trip – though a bit tiring for the grown-ups with the long drive and trying to fit in conference talks for half of each day. The boys loved exploring the museums. Ethan’s favorite parts were seeing the Giant Squid, the Declaration of Independence at the National Archives, and the cars at the American History Museum. Isaac’s favorite part was the Washington Monument. We try to fit in as much as we can to each trip and even managed to buy a rug for our living room (long story) and visit friends in Connecticut on the way home!

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That was close.

While riding his beloved Glider Rider bike at full speed down the hill from
Alewife, Isaac wiped out on the salty sand that still litters the bike
path.*   He skidded on his side straight into the
stars-and-stripes gate made of car-resistant steel.  He
confronted and encountered head-first the solid steel gatepost.  Considering his prodigious
speed, and the awkward angle his helmet sits when he’s wearing a big
hat, I sprinted to his side, fearing the worst.

Isaac disentangled himself from the bike, turned his handlebars back
around, and said

“Whew, that was close.

“I almost broke that gate!”

* Thus placing this story between the Big Melt of last Wednesday and the Big 15-inch Resnow of Monday, for the non-Bostonians among you.

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