Happy Birthday to our 6 year old!

Last Sunday (2/1/06) we celebrated Ethan’s birthday a little early with a party with some special school friends. It was lots of fun, I think everyone had a good time, and I learned exactly how much energy a house full of 6 year old boys can have. Ethan woke up at 6:00am that morning so excited that his party was that day. He was a great helper getting ready and a good host.

He had asked for a World of Goo cake so I did my best to create one using cupcakes and BBQ skewers.


David planned the games – a big your own lego car race and building structures out of GooBalls (gumballs) and toothpicks.

Ethan says it was a good party and that we did a good job keeping to our theme – Goo.

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