Isaac decided he wanted to be R2D2 for Halloween. Unfortunately the R2D2 costumes I could find were rather expensive and most places were sold out of his size. So I decided I could make one and have been slowly putting it together over the past few weeks. Here is the near finished product!

Ethan is going to be an astronaut and I didn’t even attempt that (my craftiness is limited by both skill and available free time) so that one is in the mail!

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Counting our blessings

We unexpectedly had the entire long weekend together and made the most of the time. After getting called into work Friday night, I came home Saturday tired but excited about the beautiful weather. A perfect fall day in New England seemed just right for another attempt to find a marching band. We chose a large nearby high school with a Saturday afternoon game and headed out. It turns out we’re 0-2 for bands but it was fun to see the game.


The team we were cheering for was winning 28-14 at the half so we decided it was safe to leave and get some ice cream.
On Sunday, we went to the Oktoberfest Festival in Harvard Square with some friends. We made it just in time for the parade we weren’t expecting and found a spot where the kids could run and dance while the crowd went by. The parade was truly an odd collection of people – sort of Mardi Gras off-season. The kids enjoyed the music and didn’t pay too much attention to the rest which was probably for the best.

The kids checked out the longest couch in the world.

And got some extra energy out.
Then rode the train home for some frisbee and soccer in our local field.
Today we went hiking with friends and the boys kept a brisk pace for the trailing parents and younger siblings.
Along the trail were markers that designate interesting historic sites and particular specimens of local fauna. We didn’t have the key so I asked Ethan what he thought they were for. He decided they were clues to a mystery and if you put all the clues together they would tell a story. A great explanation but unfortunately he dashed off to catch the other boys and I never got to hear the story!

All in all, a great weekend and unexpectedly blessing of a quiet pager. I could get used to this. Ethan told me that when he grows up he wants to have a job like Daddy’s job where you don’t have to work weekends. Me too Ethan!

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Book about me

Today Ethan will meet his new reading buddy. Last year his reading buddy was a 2nd grader named Jack who wrote funny poems. He introduced himself to us at this year’s orientation after the summer break so both sides must have had fun! Even though Ethan reads as well as most 3rd graders, the fun of hanging out with a big kid is hard to beat! He’s excited to see who he’ll be matched up with.

As his homework he had to write a book about himself so his reading buddy could get to know him.
Norby is Norby the Mixed-up Robot and a great book. It was the first book Ethan checked out with his own library card!

Homework has also included practicing lines for the Columbus Day play next week. Stay tuned for King Ferdinand in his debut!

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Yesterday afternoon was beautiful. I picked the boys up from school and they scootered/biked home without the coats and even gloves that had been needed the last few mornings. We decided to spend every minute outside to make of the most of this unexpected blessing.

First order of business, Flavor-Ice on the porch
Then a quick bike ride
Sandbox time
And a picnic snack
Happy fall!

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One of the fun and challenging parts of having a child that can read everything earlier than most are the conversations you end up having.

Ethan read the headlines about the economic crisis and wanted to know what it was all about. David did a great job explaining the difference between a bad loan and a good loan – a good loan is when people plan to work hard to pay back the money so other people can borrow it and a bad loan is when people take the money and try to make more money without planning to pay back the original or thinking of others who may need the money. Ethan responds “it’s kind of like they lent Darth Vader a lot of money” – actually that’s about right!

At lunch on Sunday, Ethan was asking all sorts of questions about the president. He’s very interested in the election, the candidates, the debates, and wants to stay up and watch the election in November. We were talking about the Cabinet and David and I were trying to name and explain all the jobs that make it up. We really didn’t do a great job remember all the members which we realized as soon as we googled it. I think I need to brush up on my American government before Ethan gets too much older!

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This morning was one of those mornings where no one is all that excited to get up and certainly not excited to move through the morning in a timely fashion in order to make it to school on time. Isaac responds to this by being whiny and grumpy but Ethan just simply ignores you. This morning his head was stuck in a book called Realm of the Universe – a gift from his Uncle Alex and Ethan thinks one of the coolest books ever. Not that I’m complaining about his love of reading but the fourth time I asked him to come to breakfast I took the book away. Unfortunately you can take the book away but you can’t take the words out of his head. His mind was elsewhere all morning and by the end I was done with a spacey child not listening to anything I said. I find being completely ignored one of the most infuriating things to deal with and I’m not always sure of the right response. We’ve discussed making a morning flow-chart with some sort of prize for making each step on time (really just 3 steps – breakfast, clothes, ready to go with shoes, backpack, lunch, helmets) but I’d love for the boys to be internally motivated and not simply always looking for prizes for doing what was expected. I’ve read about making everyone go to bed earlier if they don’t make the deadlines but I feel like we already have so little time together in the evenings and I hate to cut out the time we read together. I could take away Spore time (Ethan’s greatest love right now) but somehow everything seems to be about Spore right now. Maybe it’s back to the drawing board.

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The new playroom

After a little over a month of listening to construction downstairs, we now have a wonderful playroom/guest room complete with bathroom and secret hide-out under the stairs. The electricians come tomorrow so for now there’s makeshift light but that doesn’t keep the boys from spending every minute they can downstairs. Isaac is especially thrilled to have the train table back up and would gladly spend hours making tracks. It was a lot of work but definitely worth it – now all we need are some guests!

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The challenge

I found a website with challenges for kids. You gather whatever supplies are listed – 2 pieces of paper, 2 cups, tape, etc. – and try to do whatever the challenge is. The other day Ethan did quite a good job keeping coins off the table with only cups, paper, and tape.

He actually made it up to 10 in the end.

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The shark, the tiger, and the scary princess

The boys have been having lots of fun dressing up in their costumes from last year. Isaac’s tiger costume still mostly fits although definitely on the snug side. Ethan can still get his on but it’s about a foot too short. They enjoy being scary and there’s a lot of attacking that happens. Our lovely upstairs princess has joined them quite a few times. A few days ago we were out in the front yard when a man walking down the street yelled “Oh no a scary shark and tiger. Help!” He ran a bit and the boys took off after him with the princess close on their heels. When they caught up, he said what a beautiful princess she was and the princess responded “No, I’m a scary princess”! So now we know not to underestimate our scary princess friend.

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