First day of school

Today was Ethan’s first day of kindergarten. He seemed pretty relaxed about the whole thing on Tuesday at orientation. He was excited and happy to see everything but I think the parents felt the weight of the occasion much more than he did. Then this morning when Isaac came barreling out of the room at 6:27am, Ethan came to the door (wide awake I might add) and said it was too early for Isaac to get up since it wasn’t 6:30 yet. I asked him what time the clock had said when he woke up and he said he thought it was 5-something and then he kept taking 1-2 minute naps and checking the time. Okay, maybe he was a bit excited too. We had our special breakfast of scones (requested by the kindergartener) and he put on his uniform, packed his lunch in his backpack, and was ready to go.

He was so big this morning – walking to the train, discussing current events, etc. Okay, maybe not current events – I try to limit what he reads in the newspaper because when a 5 year old can read EVERYTHING, it makes for some difficult topics. Although he did remember it was election year and he knows the two candidates and even that Massachusetts is traditionally a blue state.

His classroom is perfect for a kindergarten. Bright and welcoming with big windows, cubbies, desks with their names on them, a book corner with a book on rockets just waiting for him. He signed his name on the list, put his backpack away, sat down at his desk and started on his first assignment. “What was your favorite part of summer?” the sheet said. Ethan wrote “Family Camp” and started on a picture. Maybe of the soccer song, maybe kayaking, maybe the mess hall. I’m not sure which because he seemed so settled that we gave him big hugs and wished him a great day.


This evening he was filled with excitement about his day. The assembly where he got to see the K-3 class (he’s K-1), going outside for recess, how Ms. Armstrong had so much talking to do and so he didn’t get to talk much but that was okay. He seemed to love it. And he was exhausted. He actually laid his head in my lab during dinner and said he didn’t know if he could finish. Maybe he would just go to bed. He summoned enough energy for one game of hide and seek and then time for bed. And within minutes all was quiet.

One last thing, for the first time Ethan played an impressive game of hide and seek. Typically the boys are so excited to be found that there is much giggling and talking but tonight Ethan hid in a great spot and was so quiet that he was the last one to be found. Amazing how kindergarten matures you in a single day!

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