Knights in Shining Armor

A few minutes ago, on December 30, we took a picture of knights on my camera. This picture was just what I expected, and one of the other pictures was deleted because of all the darkness.


These are my knights. I like them. They were presents. We were just pretending that there was a battle, when the bad guys decided to join our army. My army was finally called “The Knights of the Round Table”. The two most famous of my knights are shown in the middle and on the left. Their names are Sir Tristan and Sir Percival. They are famous because they have been copied because of being very, very famous (being in my Knights in Shining Armor book).

My camera was a present from Nana and Papa, I believe. I like it.

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Cleaning house

A new day, new blog.
Old stuff around here somewhere.
More content soon? Yes.
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